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  • What is
    ZOOMRZ is an on-demand (or scheduled) photography discount platform that uses GPS and calendar syncing to connect you to nearby photographers at incredibly friendly rates (Rs.1499/-Rs.4999/-/hr). Photographers can fill up openings in their schedule that would otherwise yield zero income. You can choose Zoomrz for instant booking or for a scheduled event by booking up to 90 days in advance (includes digital printing rights and usage rights).
  • What is the difference between Zoomrz NOW and Zoomrz LATER?
    Zoomrz NOW is exactly as it sounds. You need a photographer ASAP. Requesting Zoomrz NOW will list all photographers in your area in the order that they are available. On-Demand at its best. Availability will depend on population and/or activities taking place. When requesting Zoomrz LATER, the app will broadcast your requirements, date, time and venue details to all the member photographers and the first available photographer for that requested date will accept the assignment and fulfill your needs...
  • How is Zoomrz so affordable? (Rs.1500/- to Rs.6000/-/hr)
    We allow participating photographers & videographers to sync their calendar to our system. So we can detect the gaps in their schedule and help them stay busy in their downtime. Your request will list photographers in distance order, therefore reducing travel time and costs, making it convenient for everyone. When a photographer sees a nearby Request or Order that's convenient, working at a discount can make sense even for many in-demand photographers. The bottom line is that they stay busy and our customers save.
  • Are there any other fees involved?
    YES. We charge between Rs.200/- to Rs.400/- as CONVEYANCE CHARGES depending upon the distance between your event venue and our office at Kodambakkam and a BIG NO as far as photography professional charges are concerned...You are only liable for the stated hourly rate that you saw on our pricing page or booking page. Multiple hours usage will be multiplied by the duration or the requested times. We want to keep the calculation very simple, hence no complications or is reeeaaal simple!
  • What is the Refund Policy?
    We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy (limited to the fees paid for your Zoomrz). Simply contact us with any concerns at . We'll make it right! Moreover, we again wish to affirm that only tested, vetted and Real Professionals are our Zoomrz!. We also like to remind you that, is a intermediate bridge between customers requiring photographers/videographers and professional photographers/videographers accepting assignments from customers.
  • What is the Cancellation Policy?
    No cancellation fee, if you cancel with at least 72 hours notice prior to your scheduled Zoomrz session. However, if you cancel within 72 hours of your scheduled Zoomrz session, you will incur a 50% fee. For Zoomrz NOW sessions which is booked instantly, you have to pay the full 100% Fee at the time of reporting, if you cancel our booked photography service.
  • How are photographers & videographers selected for
    Photographers & Videographers are screened and vetted through a multi-step internal and external process for safety and quality control. More importantly, photographers will be rated and reviewed by verified paying customers who contribute to the quality and the overall integrity of the Zoomrz community.
  • What is the 6th Star (Bonus Star) for Photographers & Videographers?
    Our rating system asks that you rate 5 stars if you believe a photographer has met your expectations. But when a photographer exceeds expectations, we thought a bonus star would be helpful in highlighting some of the real standout talent within our community.(You can Mention "6th Star" in words in your text review, if you wish to present it to your Zoomr...
  • Who are "MOBI ZOOMRZ"? What do they do? How much do they charge? Are their Photos and Videos up to professional quality?" is proud to say we are the very first providers and promoters of this up and coming society of Mobile Photographers. Our discount model already offers great value via Zoomrz. But with MOBI ZOOMRZ you can also connect to a separate network that caters to the rising trend of Mobile Photographers utilizing their iPhone & Android Phone skills! This can be as low as Rs.300/-/hr to Rs.1000/-/hr and great for busy tourist areas, festivals, parks, or simply low budget spur of the moment needs. MOBI ZOOMRZ also includes Professionals who are “with the times” and incorporating iPhoneography & Android Photography into their business! A fancy black DSLR is still always a friend, but the iPhone or android phone will always be by our side! IMPORTANT NOTE: Photographs & Videos of Mobi Zoomrz can be used only for Online and Social Sharing and if you plan to print or make a album or use the videos for professional purpose, then we strongly recommend to use our Professional Zoomrz Only.
  • Why have you not included Photo Edit and Video Edit service in Zoomrz?
    We 100% believe that every digital photo or digital video clipping needs to be edited to get the imagined 100% quality result...but it all depends upon the needs of every customer. We deliver the original photos and videos without editing, to keep the process simple and easy. But still if you insist on editing, we do professional editing at additional cost.
  • How do I get started?
    Just download the Zoomrz App on the Google Playstore and iOS App Store. Then simply sign in, select the category of photographer or videographer you wish to engage and search for the talent around you(this process is yet to happen) For now, you can call us at 9941522000 or 9941011142 and book a Zoomr or you can visit our website and book a zoomr on our pricing page or booking page at
  • I know is an On Demand service. But can I book a Zoomr in advance?
    Yes. You can book Zoomrz up to 6 months in advance
  • Can I book for a photo shoot at the last minute of the event?
    Yes you can book up to One hour in advance (subject to availability) using our website or you can call our mobile number 9941522000/9941011142 but you will get a professional only if any of our registered professionals are free at the time slot you requested.
  • I want a photographer for my event, I have selected the date & time of my event but I did not receive any reply or confirmation, what do I do now?"
    This can occur based on various factors including high demand in your area due to an event taking place or not enough photographers nearby, a search was made for unusual shoot times or you chose a newer category that we may not have enough photographers for, or the search was only for a very short session (eg. 1 hour) but not enough photographers take such requests, that too on a happening day like Muhurtham dates and so on. If in case no photographers accept your request, call our Customer Relations Manager at 9941522000.
  • Why the Premium services prices are high when compared to Pro pricing?
    There's such a broad range of talent, experience and camera equipments and we believe photographers or videographers should be paid accordingly.
  • Do the photographers do basic editing to the photographs? Same way Do your Videographers edit the videos shot by them before delivery?
    Editing of photographs or video shots are not included in any of the packages mentioned in our website. You can copy the images or video clippings on the spot from the Zoomr as soon as the event is over or otherwise, we'll upload the content to Google Drive and share the link to your email and you can download the photos and videos to your computer. We do photo editing and video editing at additional cost...Please refer to this page for more details:
  • When do we need to rate the photographer or videographer's services?
    Initially, on completion of photo assignment or video assignment, you need to share your star rating to our professionals and in the Second Stage, we'll send you a mail with few questions and you could rate and share your experience with our professionals, about quality of work, about his commitment towards your assignment and about the quality of photos & videos after promised editing. This Feedback from you is essential for us to improve our services and upgrade our quality and to offer more customer friendly services in the future.
  • At what point is my credit card charged or when should I pay the assignment fees?
    Your credit card is charged online initially (50% Advance) at the time of booking or you have to pay cash when your Zoomrz session is complete.
  • Is my credit card information secured?
    Yes! Your credit card information is so secure, that we don't even see it! So you can also rest assure that your photographer doesn't have any access either. Since security is such a high priority these days, we decided to work with the best payment gateway around. We linked up with RazorPay, one of the top payment processors in the world that uses the safest encrypted payment processing system to protect every customer. We do not store your credit card information, it goes direct to RazorPay's secure storage in an encrypted form using industry-standard and well-studied encryption methods. If you've never heard of Razor Pay, now you have. And here you can check their website @
  • Will I get a receipt for my payment? if I pay by cash or even by card...
    Yes, you will get a proper online receipt for the assignment fees you pay, both for cash or card payment.
  • How and when will I receive my images & videos?
    You can copy the photographs or videos to your computer immediately after the completion of event OR The photographers and videographers will upload the photos or videos to our server and will email the link within 72 hours (Ideally within 24-48 hours) to access high resolution digital files for download. For Videography, our videographers may need another 24 hours additionaly depending upon the duration of your event. If you are using Mobi Zoomrz, the photographer will upload the files or share the photographs or videos through any other means using mobile phone.
  • What do I do, if my photographer cancels my scheduled session at the last minute, or doesn't show?"
    In the rare occasion that something untimely happens to the scheduled photographer or videographer, they will be on time at the event venue. Moreover, we at the back office always ensure that the photographer or videographer reaches the event location earlier to keep the client in peace of mind and if for any reason they are not able to reach, we'll try and fix another photographer or videographer. You can call us, so we can expedite your request. Reach out to call us or Whatsapp at 9941522000 or 9500095581 and we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue and find a solution that is to your satisfaction.
  • What if no photographers are available for my search criteria?
    Every day we meet and test new professional photographers and videographers and we keep adding them regularly when they prove. We are sure to add many more in the future and hope to service you in your search criteria....If no photographers accept your request then reach out to or Whatsapp to 9941522000 or 9500095581
  • My photographer has accepted my request. How do I contact him or her?
    Once a photographer accepts your request, you will then have the ability to communicate with each other via email, phone or text.
  • Can I extend my shoot?
    Yes, provided the photographer or videographer is available to keep shooting. If the photographer accepts, the extra time will be charged and the total cost of assignment will be based on the duration of the photo shoot and our professional will calculate the cost from the start time of the photo shoot to the end time of the photo shoot as per the category of service selected by the customer.
  • How important is an event for you or for your photographers and videographers at
    We are in this creative industry for more than 3 decades and we are very much aware about the importance of shooting photographs & videos in any given event, hence, we at put our heart and soul in each & every event to create wonderful, valuable memories to your satisfaction.
  • Are there any Sign-up or Listing Fees to join Zoomrz as a photographer or videographer?
    Anything given FREE will always lose its sheen & shine and people using it will not understand the value. Hence, we decided to charge a small amount as our fees initially...PLUS we get paid on a small commission for the assignments booked through Zoomrz App. It is free to apply and if approved free to stay on-board.
  • How do I get started?
    Initially, we prefer meeting you in person and understanding your professional experience and expertise. Moreover, we believe that only customer satisfaction can bring in more customers and more business, hence, we are very particular about your attitude towards your profession and clients more than your camera gear or other gadgets. You will be listed in our team once you are approved to be a Zoomr.
  • Why do I need to give my ID and bank information?
    Photographers & videographers will be asked to provide us with certain personal information, including personal photograph, One Identity Proof and One Address Proof (Either PAN Card, Passport, Voter Identity Card, Driving License or Aadhaar card) PLUS Bank Information with a cancelled cheque of the account to credit their earnings.
  • Do we need to create a profile to attract customers?
    You are requested to share some of your work (photographs & Videos) and we will keep it safe in our computers. You need to post 5 pictures per category plus a small description about yourself, your expertise and knowledge about photography & videography. This will be used to show it to clients who wishes to see previous works of any photographer or videographer just as a sample.
  • How to I set up my availability and sync my calendar to the Zoomrz app?
    There are instructions in the app to sync your calendar. If you are really looking for additional business apart from your original orders, you need to update and maintain your calendar in the app on a daily basis, so that you do not miss any valuable opportunity...
  • I am not receiving any customer requests, what can I do?"
    (This can be done, once we launch our app) You can increase your available hours. You can lower your hourly charges to be more competitive. You can also update your profile to get more attention from your customers. Moreover, your service ratings given by customers plays a important part in getting you more business. As per Zoomrz App's algorithm, very good ratings receives very good leads and very good leads gives you more business. Hence, GOOD CUSTOMER RATINGS HELPS YOU TO GET MORE BUSINESS...
  • My hourly rate is usually higher than what Zoomrz allows me to charge. Will these rates change? Can I quote higher rates?
    Zoomrz is offering you this platform as a supplement to your business and to help fill up any gaps in your schedule. We want to offer customers the most reasonable rates while keeping talented photographers and videographers busy meeting new referrals and clients. To accommodate photographers & videographers while keeping it friendly to customers, we've set a flexible range of Rs.1499/- for Photo Lite, Rs.1999/- for Photo Pro and Rs. 2999/- for Photo Premium as Hourly Assignment Fees, in which you would adjust your price. For speciality photography and videography the prices are highly competitive compared to other service providers. In order to keep you busy, we simply request you to work at discounted rates to keep you engaged with more & more assignments.
  • Can I make some extra money if I am travelling to another city for a couple of weeks by accepting assignments from that city?
    Yes you can get requests from new locations, provided you need to change your where-abouts in your profile in the app (once the app is launched)
  • How soon will I receive compensation for my services?
    Typically, immediately, when you finish the assignment and when the customer makes the payment either through card or cash. Though you receive the payment immediately, it is your responsibility to complete the job. Your job ends only when you upload the photos or videos to our server and our in-house Zoomrz Quality control team will check the photographs or videos for quality and only share the link to customers when they are satisfied with the quality of work. If the quality is not up to the mark, then you will lose your rating and you'll not be called by customers frequently. Quality ratings are received from customers only after delivery of photos and videos, hence, if the customers are satisfied with the work, then you will get good ratings which will lead to more business leads.;
  • What is my cut of the total earnings when I work with a Zoomrz customer?
    Photographers get an 80% gross payout on each transaction once they're partner! To become an official partner or service provider of Zoomrz, a photographer or videographer would have to complete one successful event (1st event) at a 50% discount payout. This helps Zoomrz to cover the on-boarding costs, refund risks, background checks, troubleshooting for first time users and other administrative costs. Partner status with an 80% payout begins from the 2nd transaction and every subsequent transaction thereafter...
  • Are taxes taken out of my pay for services?
    No. They are not. As an independent contractor you are responsible for the applicable taxes on goods, services and income tax within your jurisdiction.
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