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Instant School ID Cards - Cost Effective & Super Speed Delivery!

Making an ID card for a student is not easy as we say it and that too it is a more chaos process when  you make ID cards for 300 or more students in a school...

The reasons for confusion and delay in the present process are:

1. Some students may not handover the 'Fill In Form' to their parents to fill the particulars

2. Delay in submission of forms to the class teacher

3. Different types of handwritten forms of parents, hence spelling mistakes

4. Gathering all the students during photo shoot for ID cards

5. Another day photo shoot to take photos of absentees

6. Matching the data with the respective students photos is time consuming

And Finally,

7. Delay in execution of the process, delay in approval of the soft copy and finally delay in printing and making the ID cards

8. Many reprints due to small small mistakes

It is not only you, even ourselves and every school staff would have experienced the same confusion as explained above while making the ID Cards...

This experience of many years confusion, pushed us to find a suitable easy solution to make School ID Cards for each and every student without any confusion or chaos...



You'll feel relaxed when we explain the process and above all that, we assure you quality ID cards with accurate details and high speed delivery.

The process is as follows:

1. Give us an opportunity to meet you in person to explain the whole process and to show all our sample ID cards.

2. A ready made form with the all the required details for a student's ID card will be sent to your school's Whatsapp number for Data collection.

3. This form should be sent to all the student's (Parent's) Whatsapp numbers 

4. More than 50% of the required fields in the form are created using drop-down options, and the parents are required to type in the balance 50% form. Hence, it will be very easy for the parents to fill the form. If some parents are not able to fill then the respective class teachers can collect the details and fill the forms for the students.

5. For the Photo section, the parents need to click the 'Photo Upload' button and that will lead to a 'Browse' tab. If already a passport photo is available in the phone, they can browse and upload that photo. Or otherwise, the 2nd option is 'Camera' button and they just need to make the student pose as if standing for a passport photo in proper lighting and take the picture and upload the same.

6. Once filled, they can click the 'Submit' button and upload the form to our servers. (Phone's internet connection needed to upload the form)

7. On receiving the form, we will segregate, make a PDF copy of all the cardsd and submit to you  for any corrections.

8. After corrections, as soon as we get your approval, we'll start the printing and the ID cards will be delivered to you in One Week from the date of your approval. 


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