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Booking a Zoomr photographer/videographer is as easy as 1-2-3

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1. Instant Booking

Book a Pro

Simply place a request with the Booking Form OR Call us at
99415 22000 / 9500095581
so we know what you're looking for, what type of event is yours, schedule of your event and what is your requirement...
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2. Confirmation

We Confirm

We'll find the Best Photographer/Videographer suitable for your type of event and confirm your booking. On confirmation you need to pay 50% of the assignment value online as advance payment... 

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3. Relax & Enjoy

We take Care

Your Photographer/Videographer will get in touch with you to arrange everything.
Relax...Concentrate on other arrangements of your event and get ready to enjoy every moment of  the event...
4. Photo Or Video Shoot

Our Pro's Shoot

You're in the hands of our experienced professionals who are guaranteed to arrive on time and capture every key moment. ENJOY...

On completion, calculate the assignment fees as per the time of service provided and make the FULL payment to the Pro... 

5. Enhancement

We Deliver On Spot

Your Photographs and video footage can be delivered on the spot or they will be uploaded to Google Drive and link shared within 1 day ...
6. Download Photos

Save it to your Files

Either you copy the photographs or video footage on the spot or you download from Google Drive...we request you to download the files to your computer. 

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